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Is your site, Mobile Friendly

Over here on the LEFT ……………..On the RIGHT.……

 a site customised for the mobile platform……………..the same site, only desktop monitors..


With over 40% of traffic to a website being from mobile devices in most searches, can you afford to have a site that is not compatible with those devices?
Millennia Web Design offers you this NEW themed option customised to your sites layout and colours to be compatible with most mobile devices.


Some features of a mobile friendly site…….

  • Click to Call Button – If someone likes what they see. No need for them to write the number down, They simply click the button to make the call.
  • Slide out side page – For a great interactive feel for the visitor. Use this for a pic of our latest offer, maybe a Google Map with your location?
  • Specialised pages that can hold differing content to your main site and help compliment the mobile experience



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