Feb 18

Fake Domain Name Renewal Notices

Please be aware of a new scam doing the rounds re domain names. See the image below to really see how clever they can be. You will see that they use your domain name information available online and then issue this letter with a similar domain name, but at a hugely over the top fee. …

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Dec 20

Mobile Friendly ……..

Is your site “mobile friendly”? This is something that you should look into as soon as you can, because if your visitors can not view your site through a Tablet or Smart Phone, they are simply going to move on to your competitor. Can you afford this?   To find out more about how Millennia …

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Nov 29

New Website Alert – Improved Roofing

The Millennia family welcome Improved Roofing to its website community Feel free to have a look at their site at  http://improvedroofing.com.au

Dec 20

New Website Alert

Today, We at Millennia Web Design are please to announce the launch of the website for…………. (DRUM ROLL) Smart Choice Carpet Cleaning With Smart Choice Carpet Cleaning, you can get you carpets, tiles, lounges cleaned, just to name a few. Get incontact with Michael today and let him know you came from Millennia Web Design …

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May 19

Website Back Ups

Millennia Web Design is now offering back ups to your website. No website is 100% “hack-proof”, so you need to be ready incase you are next on their list. With the amount of rogue programmers trying to increase their “hits” on the World Wide Web, you need to know that you have your site backed …

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May 05

Domain names now available

Not sure what Domain Name you can have? Millennia Web Design is happy to announce that you can now obtain your domain name through us at one of the best prices in Australia. Click on the Domain Names tab in the menu above or click here

Mar 19

SEO your site today!

Do you need more visitors to your site? You may need some SEO. Whats SEO? I hear you ask. Well SEO stands for…. “S”earch “E”ngine “O”ptimisation With Millennia SEo work on your site, you can help increase your chances of being higer on Googles search results. Appearing on page 2 is alot better than maybe …

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Mar 19

New Website Launched

Today we officially launch our new website We hope you find all the informtion that you need. If not, feel free to get in contact to find out more. Contact Us Here

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